How To Start Loving Your Vulva

For any ladies out there who have never been quite sure about what is ‘down there,’ here is a sex-positive, self-loving guide to learning about your best girlfriend (also known as your vulva).

I encourage you to get to know her well. She’s pretty awesome, lovely, and fun!

How To Start Loving Your Vulva  (her list, straight from the article)

  1. Educate yourself. (aka ANATOMY LESSON!)
  2. Educate yourself some more.  (aka LEARN ABOUT ALL THE COOL THINGS IT DOES – its part in the menstrual cycle, cervical mucus, and lubrication)
  3. Read some stuff.  (I highly recommend “Cunt” by Inga Musico)
  4. Look at other vulvas!  (I think this should be NUMBER ONE!  Try “Sex for One” by Betty Dodson.)
  5. Remind yourself that everything your vagina does is ok.  (Check out this post of mine for more info.)
  6. Masturbate.  (The ultimate definition of SELF-LOVE!  Not sure how?  Need some inspiration? Check out this book – A Women’s Guide to Masturbation.)
  7. Look at it.  (Ever since I realized I had a vulva, around age 8, I looked at me all the time. Seriously, take a peek!)

Check out the article for more!

By the way, welcome to my blog. =]


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