Learning to Love Your Stretch Marks: LADY LINE LOVE

I just googled “stretch marks.”  This topic was the first thing to pop up:

Chrissy Teigen Embraces Her Stretch Marks to Prove She’s Awesome

(I didn’t know who this “Chrissy Teigen” was – she’s a Sports Illustrated model.  Got it – that’s why the media is freaking out.  But I’m glad this is the first thing to pop up.  Stretch mark love!)

Life&Style Mag titled their article Stretchies Say Hi”: Supermodel Chrissy Teigen Shows Off Her Stretch Marks, Proving She’s Just Like the Rest of Us!”

Of course she has stretch marks just like the rest of us!  The onset of puberty gives even the smallest looking people stretch marks.  Stretch marks do not demarcate “FAT.”  They demarcate GROWTH. (That being said, “Fat” does not mean “bad” or “less worthy.”)

Women and men alike have stretch marks for various reasons.

  • Possible Locations: belly, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, lower back, butt, calves, shoulders – basically, you name it.
  • Possible Reasons They’re There: pregnancy, extreme weight loss, extreme weight gain, puberty, quick muscle gain from working out, etc.

A lot of remedies exist to get rid of stretch marks.  Lotions, creams, and surgical methods are all ways to try to get stretch marks – but, personally, the best remedy is to change your mindset about your stretch marks.

Love Your Lines Campaign was “started by two women who want to celebrate real women, real bodies, and real self-love.”  
Here are some photos from their Tumblr.  The photos all have quotes from the women who shared their lines.  Check out the link to see more photos and their positive notes.

I’ve recently learned that my booty is much bigger than I realized.  Which I find AWESOME.  All this time, I thought underwear just didn’t fit me right (you know where the cloth liner on the inside it supposed to line up? It never did).  No, I just needed a bigger size.  I learned this when ordering period panties off-line ONE MONTH AGO and they said to order by hip-size.  I DIDN’T KNOW I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!  Geez, all this time.  So I ordered an XL, which seemed crazy to me, but they fit great and are super comfy, so who cares about the size?

I went to Victoria’s Secret to get a free pair of undies yesterday (and didn’t get ANYTHING ELSE.  How’s that for self control?).  I used to always get mediums (that never lined up right with my cuntie poo), but yesterday I decided to get a large.  And THEY LINE UP WITH MY CUNTIE POO!   It find it incredibly hilarious that, at 24 years old, I just realized how I was subconsciously in denial about my great booty.  I decided to take a good look at my hips yesterday, too – HOLY SHIT – STRETCH MARKS!  AWESOME!  I never noticed THOSE before!  I just wonder when it happened!

I love the (new and late discovered) stretch marks on my thighs the way I love the stretch marks on my right breast.  When I noticed I had stretch marks on my bigger boob I WAS ECSTATIC!  That meant that that boob GOT BIGGER!  SWEET!  I have stretch marks on my hips – must mean those got bigger, too!  AWESOME!  I am not a girl, I AM A WOMAN. ROAR.


  1. Follow “Love Your Lines” on Instagram.  Seeing other women’s stretch marks in a positive light will help you see your stretch marks in a positive light – no matter how or why or when your stretch marks got where they are.
  2. Look at your stretch marks.  Give those lady lines a good look.  Think about the journey your body has taken to get those stretch marks.  Pregnancy, weight gain, weight loss, puberty – these lines tell a story.
  3. Think about the story they tell.  What does that story mean to you?  If it’s something positive – like bringing a baby into the world or growing into a woman – accepting that story can be easier.  If it’s something negative for you, accepting this story about your body might be more difficult.  Perhaps you gained a lot of weight in response to dealing with trauma.  Be patient and kind to yourself.  This may be a good time to start getting to the root of the trauma you experienced, so you can heal your mind, spirit, and relationship to your lady lines and the rest of your body.
  4. Hell, name those lady lines if you want.  You could go with actual names like “Edna, Mary, and Louise.”  Or go with more of a group idea – “Gloria and the Gang,” or “Destiny’s Children.”  Or name them by body part – “Titty Tats.”  Or name them by their shape – “Zebra Print,” “Lightning Strikes,” “Tiger Stripes.”  Or name them something lovely – “My Lady Lines.”
  5. FAKE IT ‘TIL YOU MAKE IT!  Keep saying and thinking positive things about your lovely lady lines and eventually you will believe yourself.  Because you are a credible person to believe and you deserve to love every single part of you. :)

Remember that learning to love parts of yourself won’t happen overnight.  It all takes time.

Keep being patient and kind with yourself, ladies!

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