I’m Kate.

I’ve struggled with actually accepting myself for a long time.  My body didn’t meet my expectations after puberty, my body didn’t meet what I assumed were men’s expectations as a young adult, and my body didn’t stay the same weight as I entered my mid-twenties  – until I realized the problem wasn’t my body.  The problem was my mind.  The problem was how I was thinking about my body.  There’s nothing wrong with my body – my bod is great!

This blog is devoted to the journey I have been taking to change my mindset about my body.  Some of these things are issues I have already overcome, issues that I’m still working on, and issues that I learned other women struggle with through conversations with friends.

In my blog you’ll find my current reads because reading is a self-care activity I do for myself.  (Expect some book reviews in the near future.)  You’ll also find links to my travel journals – travelling is another aspect of my self-love and self-care.  The topics I post about are largely inspired by things I notice about my own body and some about current media topics.

Each day I learn to love myself a little more.  I choose to love myself.

This blog is about choosing to love the parts of me that have been warped by society.

I’m reclaiming these parts of me.

Join me in my journey.

Learn to love the most important person in your life – you.

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